Neragora Tour 2015


Neragora wine exhibition tour is not just a way to promote the proper brand, they are an important occasion for comparison and feedback, from experts and the public of winelovers.

After 12 long years dedicated to the preparation of the fields, the vineyards and the winery, the wines of Neragora have finally become ” adult” and are ready to present themselves at the most important wine shows as “Prowein” in Düsseldorf (Germania) and “Vinaria” in Plovdiv (Bulgaria).

Confident of the quality of its wines, Neragora is now preparing for an autumn rich of events in Europe and other continents. How far will riach the Neragora wines?

Neragora September 2015: UK and Denmark 

On September the 2nd Neragora will take part  in “ERT: Emerging Regions Tasting”, that will take place in London.  It is a quite unique wine exhibition  focused on wines from emerging regions from the whole world as: Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Macedonia, Turkey, Georgia, Lebanon, India, Uruguay, Japan, Thailand and of course, Bulgaria!

After a short trip to Copenhagen for a tasting with our importer  Granvino (Danish distributor of international wines), Neragora will be back to London  on 23 September to take part at  “SITT: Specialist Importers Trade Tastings”, a trade show attended by many importers, including distributors specialized in organic wines.

Neragora October  2015: Germany and Poland

Neragora will take part at “Anuga: taste the future”, the event will take place in Koln (Germany) from 10-14 October. Anuga is one of the leading world food exhibitions with a specialized section dedicated to wine.

Soon after  (16-17 October) Neragora will be in Poland to  take part at Wine Expo Poland in Warsaw: one of the leading wine exhibitions in Poland, country in costannt evolution, economically and concerning wine consumption.

From 19-21 October  Neragora will be  back to Germany (Dresden, Berlin, Frankfurt )for few private wine tastings organized by the Bulgarian Wine Chamber and guided by some of the best German sommeliers as Caro Maurer MW, Hendrik Toma etc. Private events with specialized public are also very important to us, not less then big trade shows.

Neragora Novembre 2015: China, Poland and … back to Bulgaria!

Begging of November Neragora will be again in Poland for Eno Expo that will take place in the wonderful town of Krakow from 4- 6 November. In the month of November we will also have an important journey in the Far East: Neragora will take part at “Prowein China” in Shanghai  from 11-13 November. Prowein China is an important trade exhibition for producers and international wine distributors interested in the growing Chinese market.

After all these travelings Neragora will get back home: from 20 – 22 November we will take part at “DiVino Taste 2015”: an exhibition dedicated exclusively to Bulgarian wine with the particpation of over 70 of the best wineries of the country. The event takes place in the prestigious location of the National Palace of Culture and attracks each year more and more attention from local and international winelovers.

If you are not based in a country part of the Neragora autumn tour, be sure that soon Neragora will reach your country as well, because wine passion ( for the autoctonous Mavrud for example) can be ” local”, but vocation is international!

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