Organic wines: 5 good reasons to drink them

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Organic wines is a familiar discussion theme today.  In the large panorama of international wine production, the position of organic wine on the market is constantly increasing. We have asked ourselves in a previous post, if this is due only to a ” fashion” effect or it is also due to a question of quality and evolution of taste.

The debates between wine experts, pruducers and winelovers on organic ( and even more, byodinamic and natural wines) is intense and creates conflicts and distinctions that definitely does not help the consumer to orientate himself better. Which are then the right things to pay attention to, who should chose to drink organic wine?

The basis for a conscious organic wines choice

Without examine too much in detail the various distinctions,  we can start by introducing few elements fundamental for the production of organic wines:

  • The grapes come from vineyards cultivated  without the use of chemicals, fact that is good for the environment and for our own health
  •  In the cellar, during the vinfication process, the additives are controlled and limited– for example the sulfites are less then in conventional wines
  • The wineries that have chosen the organic approach undergo regular controls and a system of certifications renewed annually

It is true that these aspects do not guarantee by themselves the quality and purity of the wine, anyway they mark already a big difference between this category and  conventional wine.

5 motives to drink organic wines: debunk few myths

Which could be the reasons for a consumer to make the choice to drink organic wine? Without pretending to know the absolute truth, here what we can point:

  1. It is a sane wine, or at least, more sane then others ( of course if not abusing it!) Fashion or not fashion, the consciousness and responsibility for what we put inside our bodies is increasing, luckily.
  2. It can be agood It has been luckily overcomed the idea that in order to be ” genuine” a wine must have faults. There are many organic wines nowadays that can be defined as quality wines. And have no faults.
  3. It is not true that it must be expensive. Of course one should be conscious of the fact that it is impossible to pretend to drink a good wine and buy it at 2-3 euros at the supermarket. There are excellent organic wines around 10 euros. In any case a higher price is almost always correlated to the cure and passion of the vinegrower, who works the land with his own hands and cultivates its fruits, preferring quality to quantity.
  4. Organic wine communicates the beauty of Leaving the vineayrd in the hands of Nature, without chemical interventions, permits to the vine to better mantain its specific characteristics, expressing the terroir and its peculiarity.
  5. A wine produced respecting Nature stimulates us also to discover the culture behind it- its history, the people behind it, the character of the place it comes from, its potential etc.

In conclusion, the best way to make a conscious choice of a certain wine is always to know as much as possible directly the reality  of the people that have produced it. For this reason  Neragora, that has chosen from the very begging to work organically, invites everybody not only to taste the wines, but also to visit the wine estate in order to know its protagonists.

And those who for the time being are not able to visit us, what would you like to know about us?

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